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Hardwood flooring sets the standard for beauty, richness, and style.  The timeless quality of wood, its warm, natural feel, and its longevity make hardwood a good investment that will add value to your home.  It’s a healthy choice that looks and feels good, and it’s one of the most enduring flooring choices you can make.

We have a large variety of styles, colors, and species to choose from, in both solid and engineered hardwood.
Did You Know?

Do you want to live with your floor, rather than on it?  Hardwood with a natural oil finish may be for you.  Most hardwoods are protected by a wear layer of polyurethane and aluminum oxide - essentially a plastic film. 

In contrast, oil finishes penetrate the wood and protect it from within.  When you touch it, you're feeling the wood itself - not a protective surface coating. 

Your oiled wood floor will have a distinctive warmth and naturalness, putting it in a class all its own
Which Hardwood Fits My Style
The species and finish of the hardwood you select can set the atmosphere for your whole room. 

Are you traditional?  Classic?  Then you'll find a clean, smooth, narrow plank appealing.  Dark colors will add richness to the room.
For a rustic, country look, a hand-scraped wide plank hardwood is the way to go.  Choose a heavy grain like oak.

Modern chic?  A wider board with grey tones is a good choice, perhaps with a brushed finish.