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With today's wide array of colors and patterns, sheet vinyl flooring can suit any dĂ©cor. 

Often called lino (though it's not), vinyl is easy to clean, durable, and water-resistant ... making it a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and foyers. 

Realistic wood, tile, and stone patterns lend a rich look to the room while maintaining a comfortable feel on your feet.
Did You Know?

Fiberglass-backed vinyl is a popular choice, and with good reason.  It's more comfortable than standard paper-backed vinyl, having a cushioned backing that easy on your feet. 

It's also dimensionally stable - it won't contract, curl, shrink or expand because of the fiberglass membrane at its core.

And its composition allows for a greater degree of realism in the patterns.  Stone, tile, hardwood… or vinyl?  You'll have to get down and touch it to know for sure!